welcome :3c

hi!! my names pink!!! hope u have fun here :3c

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psstt! check out my friends page! ^w^

blog !

last update: sept 28th, 2023 !

Second blog update and it's only been . . . 3 months! A lots happened since I've hopped on here. I've read a lot of books, listened to a lot of music, got really into solitare to the point that I saw solitare games when I closed my eyes...it's been a lot. I am so ready for autumn and comfy sweaters. Also! I made into a suprise AP class that I didn't know I had the option to take. I'm taking AP Computer Science Principles, which means that I'll be learning Javascript soon !!! :)

- Welcome !-

Hi! Welcome to my first ever webpage, made June 11th, 2023 with Sadgrl's template. As I get better at HTML and CSS, I plan to branch out from templates and such.

Some plans for the future:

  • Finish links in the sidebar
  • Customize page
  • Become a blinkie collector lol

Have a good day!